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 EZShopKorea.com offers the following options for payment of your order:




Once you finish your shopping and submitting an order with selecting "Direct deposit to our Bank Account", we will send you an email to inform you of the exact amount of price including shipping fee and bank account. As soon as we confirm your transfer, your order will be shipped within 2-3 business days. 

Bank transfers in Korea can be made from any bank (by bringing cash to the teller) or an ATM-machine.

Our bank details are as follows:


Account no.: 100-031-576236

Name of account holder: JJ-Trading

Please note that we only offer free shipping for orders above KRW500,000 (excluding shpping fee) if you make the payment by bank transfer



2. CREDITCARD  (Visa, MasterCard, JCB, Diners, Amex)


Please let your computer allow pop-ups. Too many toolbars can block pop-ups.

After "Checking out", choose "Foreign card" or "Korean card". Please be aware that when you pay by a Korean credit card all pop-ups will be in Korean. You also need If you fail to make payment, go back to your shopping cart and try it again. Your order which have yet to be paid is supposed to remain in shopping cart.



Order and Payment Confirmation

As soon as you submit your order, our system will automatically issue an email order confirmation. (In the case of bank transfer orders, this message includes payment instructions.) If you do not receive this confirmation message, it means either that the order was not properly communicated to our server, or that our email is not being properly delivered to your email account. Please contact us (support@ezshopkorea.com) if you do not receive an order confirmation within 15 minutes of submitting your order. For credit card payments, you will receive a confirmation by email.


Order Cancellations

If your order has been shipped, it cannot be cancelled anymore.

Cancellations can only be accepted BEFORE shipping.


Refunds (in points or by bank transfer) will only be given if a complaint is made within 3 business days (for fresh foods, dairy and frozen items, complaints should be made upon receiving the items).  Items should be returned with and in original package to EZShopKorea.com.                 


Credit Cards and Security

EZShopKorea.com has taken every reasonable precaution to keep your card data safe during transmission, processing and (if you choose) storage on our secure server. Our site features a state-of-the-art level of security. However, the ultimate risk, no matter how small, associated with credit card transactions lies with users, card issuers, and insurers. ezshopkorea assumes no liability beyond execution of the requested transaction.

Please note also, that credit card approvals are not instantaneous, and order confirmation does not indicate credit card authorization. Once authorization is obtained, you will receive a payment confirmation. If authorization cannot be obtained for some reason (for example, mistaken data submission, fraud prevention measures by your issuer, or credit limit insufficiency) your order will be returned to your cart, and you will be requested by email to check out once again.

IMPORTANT: This will generally result in delayed dispatch and delivery of your order.



Your email payment confirmation serves as your receipt from EZShopKorea.com.  For payments paid by bank transfer, your transfer receipt is your legal proof of purchase, and can be used as an official receipt in almost all cases.

If you are paying by credit card from overseas for a gift delivery within Korea, please enter the recipient's address and phone information in the credit card fields, and then send a separate email containing the actual billing information. The same applies to Korea residents paying with a credit card administrated internationally.


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