Neff urges Maguire to meet with a psychologist to help restore confidence

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Ex-England defender Gary Neville has urged Harry Maguire to see a psychologist to help regain his confidence.

Maguire only made his debut for England in their Nations League group stage final against Germany before failing in their first two goals conceded. It’s good that teammates can fire back. and ended at a 3-3 draw on Monday 

The latest blunder has led many to question Maguire’s future at the national team, with growing demands. That the defense should be cut. After Manchester United leave the 2022 World Cup squad later this year

Neville, as a senior at the national team and club, introduced Maguire: “When I lost my confidence, I went to see a psychologist to help me get through those times ufabet.”

“There is nothing you can do but show it. try to the best and never give up”

“Someday his form will return. I would recommend him to do the same as me. I went to see a doctor at Manchester United. I went to see a psychologist. Sometimes you just need some extra help.”

Maguire, who was spot limping after the 3-3 Nations League draw. Took to social media to apologise for his “mistakes”.

Despite his error-strewn performance, Maguire still has the backing of Neville – but was encourage to get external professional help like he did.

The Manchester United legend told BBC Radio 5 Live: “I’ve been there myself.

“I gave away two really bad goals against Vasco de Gama in a World Club Championships in 2000, then six months later went on to have a horrible Euros tournament for England in Belgium and Holland.