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NC Hummus with Extra Garlic 4can
Variety Muffin
Johnsonville Smoked Brats
Tillamook Pepper Jack Cheese
Quaker Granola Cereal
Belgioioso Fresh Mozzarella Logs
V8 Original Vegetable Juice 1.89L X 2
Kirkland Jelly Belly


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If you type "Item Name" in the search box and click the Search button it will show you a link that takes you to the Item Informations page.

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How to place order to the shopping cart
There are four steps in which you have to complete for the online order to be processed.
Step 1, You will either login as a return user, or be ask to enter your ID and a Password to create a new account for you. You will then go on to finish step 1 with your billing and shipping information as well as the credit card info. After which the account has been created, you then need to confirm shipping address again on Step 2.
Step 3, Allows you to choose payment methods with different credit cards.
Step 4, As soon as your order is processed, it will be shipped.

After you have select the product that you wish to buy, click "Add to Cart" and you will see the product in the shopping cart. Click "Checkout" and continue to fill out the online order form. If you wish to cancel the order, simply press "Remove." If you wish to continue to shop, click "Continue Shopping" and it will bring you to the home page again.
Order Cancellations

You may cancel an order of purchase at any time prior to the shipping of the purchased items, and if cancellation is requested during the delivery, it will be handled pursuant to the procedures for return of purchased goods.

Please contact us as soon as possible by email or phone if you want to cancel your order after you placed your order and your payment went through by credit card.

Return & Refund Policy

1. You may demand an exchange of items or a refund from the time the items are shipped by us, until seven ( 7) days after receipt of the delivery pursuant to applicable laws and regulations.

You may demand a return of our items from the time such items are shipped by us until seven ( 7) days after receipt of the delivery pursuant to applicable laws and regulations.

2. Even if an exchange is requested, an exchange may not be possible if we have no stock for the exchange, and in such case, the request will be processed as a Return.
3. Costs and expenses incurred for the exchange (e.g., costs for delivery to and from the Seller) shall be borne by us in the case of defect in the purchased items, and shall be borne by the Buyer in the case of simple change of mind.

As a general rule, costs and expenses incurred for the Return (“Return Costs”) shall be borne by a person to whom the reason for the Return is attributable -- e.g., in the case of simple change of Buyer’s mind, the Buyer shall bear the Return Costs, while in the case of a defect in the purchased items, the Seller shall bear the Return Costs.

  • If you did not receive all of the products ordered or the quantity ordered, please contact us by e-mail (support@ezshopkorea.com or phone (031) 970-1910).

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