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Knoppers Crispy
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 Points : 28 point
 Manufacturer : Storck
 Package Condition : 25g X 24
 Qty : ea
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Feature | Delivery | Return & Exchange | Related Product | Product Q&A    
  1. We offer free ground shipping for orders over KRW 500,000 (ONLY IF PAYMENT IS MADE BY BANK TRANSFER, NOT BY CREDIT CARD) that are shipped within Korea. Points cannot be used if you have a free delivery.
  2. It normally takes 2-3 business days for COSTCO products to be delivered to you. Delivery time for products with the code "NC" (Non COSTCO) will be 3-5 business days.

  3. In case the items ordered are out of stock, we will include the refund (by cash in Korean Won) in the shipment or credit your account with points. These points can be used for your next order.

  4. Most items on EZShopKorea.com site are shipped in boxes with a capacity of up to 20kg. Products from multiple-item orders will not be shipped individually. To save your money, items from the same order are packaged together. Shipping fee varies and depends on weight and size of your order.

  5. In case there are products that need to be packed in a chilled or frozen box such as cheese, hams, sausages, meat, fish, salad, bread and cakes etc. among products you order, price for the box or boxes varies and depends on weight and size of your order and is automaticlly added to the shipping fee.

  6. Our minimum shipping fee is 4,000 won for non-chilled items and 7,000 won for a chilled/frozen item.
    If shipping fee of your order including any chilled item is not over 4000won, our minimum shipping fee, we kindly ask you to buy a cooler package separately. Again, a cooler package should be bought separately by credit card. In case of transferring cash for your order, you can just add 3000 won extra for the cooler package on top of the basic shipping fee of 4,000 won, in stead of ordering Cooler package separately.

  7. If you discover an error in your order requiring a change or cancellation, please contact us immediately. After payment is received, the order cannot be cancelled.

  8. If you want to cancel your order after you placed your order and your credit card payment went through, please contact us immediately (within 24 hours) by email or phone. If not, the EZShopKorea.com is not responsible for any extra cost after cancelling the credit  card payment.

  9. Shipping fee to remote area's like Cheju-do, Ulleung-do, etc. may vary per order, also depending on weight and size.

  10. Complaints about products should be made within 3 days from receipt of your order. Refunds can be made after the product is returned to EZShopKorea.com. A refund can be done by bank transfer or your account can be credited with points.

Feature | Delivery | Return & Exchange | Related Product | Product Q&A    


Feature | Delivery | Return & Exchange | Related Product | Product Q&A    
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